Maggie (yellowmudkip) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update!

Ever been so close completing your collection, but yet you’re still so far away since the final plushies (or figures, whichever you collect) are considered to be the rarest? Who else has got the same situation?

Well, that’s how I’m in right now. I’ve been collecting the pokemon plushies of the Applause line for years, and of the 33 that were made, I only have 3 more left to collect <3 Noting can explain the excitement that a collection has been complete.

Oh and minor stuff: Updates at the Manor N Landfill and Plush Collection sites.

I’ve figured out html, if you have a link that you’d like advertised, please tell me so we could trade links <3

As for the applause, what are the last 3 that need to be collected?

Caterpie, Koffing, and Gastly.

For two on this list, I feel like I must ask a middleman for There is a seller that is selling two I need in a lot, but the seller only ships to the UK, and I’m in the US. I must ask, if there is anybody willing to help me for this please? Bidding ends in a week from now. (I'll reply when I get back from clas)

Well, this would be my latest additions to my collection, since my last collection update!

Buizel from dewott, and Bisharp from denkimouse. Swampert, Jirachi, and Happiny are from ebay.

Starly canvas, Piplup, and chimchar pokedolls are from a GA hosted by gappamaki

Elgyem from japanvideogames, Joltik from denkimouse, and I decided to give a shot, and got my Porygon-Z from there :D

These are my cousin's pokedolls. He wanted to keep his Chimchar at my house, because he wanted him to meet his new friend Scraggy that I bought for him as a b-day gift. It was so cute when he said that <3

My small kids collection, with the recent addition of beheeyem thanks to alupom! ALIENZ!

They will take over the beach!


Recent applause additions Poliwag and Abra!

And the collection now :D

And this is my tepig pokedoll from nanoplasm, as you can see he loves Duckman... and his name is Cornfed.

"Hi guys!" :D

Now that the upate has been complete, here's my Whiscash pokedoll, reading a book!

Thanks for reading everyone! :D

Tags: abra, beheeyem, elgyem, pokedolls, poliwag, whiscash
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