Fiz (fiztheancient) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auction Reminder and Such.

Only reminder that my Registeel Pokedoll Charm is up for auction! He is at his starting bid of $10. This is a good chance to get a Pokedoll charm for cheap! Auction ends this Saturday at 6pm Central Time

Click the picture or here to go to the bidding thread.

I also have this summer Deerling Jakks plush that I would like to sell soon. If not, he'll go back to the store. :< I'd rather see him have a new owner! I was asking $13 + shipping for him but am willing to haggle down a bit.

Also added a few things and lowered prices on a few things on my regular sales. Click here to go to them!

Also, my card sales. I have loads of cards for sale and I'd love to see them go, so feel free to buy and haggle!

And a link to my wants list. Please PLEASE let me know if you have anything on that list you are willing to sell or possibly trade! I'm really looking for Audino Metal Collection figures, Mantyke retsuden stamp, Mantyke clear kid and Budew Pokedoll right now! Someone had a Mantyke retsuden stamp for sale a while back but their post disappeared so I never got a reply :<

To make this not entirely boring, here's a video of my ferret playing with a remote control Bidoof.
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