Sui Kune / スイ ・ クン (sui_kune) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Sui Kune / スイ ・ クン

Collection Update and Want List

I always seem to wait forever to post collection updates. XD

You can see a lot of new additions to my Beast Trio collection, including a godsend, a case with three steps to display all my smaller figures! My favorite additions include the Pokemon Model 2000 figures, and the packaged raffle Entei strap with Suicune charm. I have a couple bigger additions which couldn't fit, that I put on the Absol shelf.

Entei Lord of the Unown Tower Movie Playset and Suicune Raffle Accessory Case! I also got an Absol crystal Trading Figure a while back that I found at Target. (I also have the normal version, which seems to be conveniently blocked by my Absol plushes.) The binder on the far right contains my Beast Trio and Absol card collection.

Closeup of my smaller figures, in their new home!

Here's where I moved my (tiny) Shinx evo and Glaceon and Leafeon collections! I also have the Glaceon and Leafeon DS case, DS cover, and other game case.

And, finally, Battrio coins! I found an awesome lot on YJ which included all these except the Espeon, which I bought separately. It also included a Glaceon coin, which funnily enough I had just bought in another auction. XD I'll eventually sell it, when I stop being so nervous to sell stuff.

I also recently made a public journal entry detailing my current want list. You can see it here! (Funnily enough, thanks to the Japanese text I included, the page gets Japanese ads. XD)
Tags: absol, collection, entei, glaceon, leafeon, luxio, luxray, raikou, shinx, suicune, wanted
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