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Well, today wasn't my best day, I felt awful and sick, and I had to stay after school till 6 so it was just horrid. Then I thought about the wave of homework piled onto me that I must turn in tomorrow. So I wasn't expecting anything great. On the way home my mom decided to stop by the mailbox, when she opened it there was a package in there so I got the "What is this?" look. I looked at her and said "I didn't order anything" ._.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SHINY LATI KIDS!!!!! (sorry for a blurry image)

I don't think anyone besides my mom could have understood my expression when I got them, I literately flailed my arms around and screamed. It was like happiness. xD I've been trying to get these fellas for quite a while but they were always a little bit to expensive. But now they are happily in my collection. dfahjksffhskffh

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Thanks so much. anthonyjg10 ;-; This really made my day. Was so happy I had to make a post about it. xD Thanks for reading.

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