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quick sales!

Hi all. My how-you-say "good income" was not so good this week. Good news for you, that means collection weeding sales!

Samples of what's under the cut!!! OMG is that an Espeon canvas and a Mew lot?! Yes. Yes it is :D

*All pkmncollectors rules apply
*Sales permission granted by dakajojo 09/03/11
*I ship from California, USA
*Once your item leaves my hands to ship, it is no longer my responsibility.
*I will not provide a tracking number for orders under $50 unless you ask. $50 and over gets mandatory delivery confirmation.
*Items come from cat and dog friendly home- but I do try to keep them away from my collections.
*Will trade for Mews only.

Espeon Lot: $150.00 (mint tush/hang tag canvas plush, great condition kids, espy+umbry tomys like new)
shipped to US: $160.00 (includes D/C)
shipped anywhere else: $170.00 (includes D/C)

Hard Plastic Bank: $20
Fuzzy Custom: $10
Coin Purse: $50
Tissue Box Cover: $15
Figures: both for $10
Navy Blue Eyed Plush: $15
Or buy the lot for $100 shipped anywhere (with D/C)

Skitty 2004 Hasbro "Miniplush" tush tag only

Pikachu Plush Clasp Purse. Tush tag only.

Blissey Lot: $15 (willing to trade/haggle)

Chansey Lot: $20 (willing to trade/haggle)

Misc. Pink Lot: $15 (willing to trade/haggle)

Lots of pink poke plushies. I dunno. Is anyone even interested in these? I just got them to match my (then) small Mew collection. Better pics/prices upon request. (Clefairy doll not for sale atm)

Feel free to combine with my updated (sales)

Thanks guize :)
Tags: espeon, mew, sales
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