Evie (firevie) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hello everyone. Like most, I've been lurking for some time before deciding to join the community. I've been collecting since around last February, although a number of my plush are bootlegs (I didn't really understand the difference at first). I don't collect merchandise of any one pokemon, my focus is just "pokemon plush". I hope to, some day, have at least one plush of every 649 pokemon. ^-^
Hopefully this works...

They need a more permanent home. At current, they're strewn throughout my little house, wherever I find space for them. But they like to get together for group photos every month or so.

Sorry, if the picture's too big, I'll remove it. x(

Also, I was wondering, does anyone know how much the Marshtomp (DX?) plush goes for these days? I've never seen one for sale and I'd love to know how much one would, eventually, set me back.

Tags: collection
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