Shaggy Griffon (shaggy_griffon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Shaggy Griffon

Sales post

Never thought I'd have to do this, but with no job I really don't have a choice. I am trimming my pokemon collection down quite a bit and only keeping the items that really mean a lot to me. My loss is your gain, come check out what stuff i have :)

Banpresto Gizamimi pichu: $10
Banpresto Christmas Pikachu: $10
MPC Kibago/Axew (i had an extra somehow :P) $9

Wind-up venusaur (doesnt work :/) $3
TOMY pencil topper: $3
Razor-leaf hasbro action figure $12
Banpresto small plush: $25

Back row: American version B/W Tour pokabu plush NWT: $10, Jakks plush $12, jakks snivy figure $4, Oshawott jakks figure $4, TOMY Cyndaquil fuzzy plush (baby 1:1 version) $12
Middle row: Jakks Zekrom: $5, Jakks Reshiram: $5, Jakks raichu $7, Raichu friends plush: $15
Front row: angry groudon kid: $4, groudon kid $4, jakks cyndaquil figure $5, mcdonalds pokabu (lights up!) $4, jakks pokabu figure $5, Victini TCG figure $8, Pokabu TCG figure $6, Raichu Tomy (original, needs some paint touch ups) Free with purchase of $4 or more, raichu kid $5

Also still have my Typhlosion custom hoodie for sale, made from an Adult Large pattern, pull-over style with a large kangaroo pocket in the front, made from Anti-pill fleece and faux 2" fur and hand painted eyes. Taking offers in the thread bellow. Please comment with your offer and location if interested. Please don't be offended if i decline your offer, i really need the money and will let him go for the right price (considering material and time costs)

thanks for looking!
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