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Questions for commissioners

Soon I want to take commissions for potentially both keychains, and plush, cause I could really use some money (hooray for being a poor art student~). But I've never taken plush commissions before, and it's been a while since I sold keychains, so I have a few questions about how I should go about business. :P

Okay, keychains. The keychains I make are photoshop-drawn images that I print out (double-sided) and laminate. They're relatively large for a keychain (usually 3-4 inches tall). My main concern with these is how do I price them?
When I used to take keychain commissions, I sold them pretty cheap, and it ended up not being worth my effort. The prices I had in mind were the following: $10 for a completely custom one (one that no one else would ever own); $7 for a new keychain that could be reprinted in the future if someone else wanted it; $5 for the reprints. Do these seem like reasonable prices? :S It takes me a decent chunk of time to draw the image, and I have faith that my artwork is pretty decent (..I hope XD), so I don't want to charge too low for customs..but is $10 too high? halp? XD

Then the other thing, plush. I've never taken plush commissions before, and while I'd really like to, I'm a little nervous about doing it XD I'm fairly new to plushmaking, but recently I made a somewhat complex plush (see picture below, haha), and I feel like I'm now at the level where I can take commissions for fairly simple plush. 
But how on earth do you price these? Obviously the buyer has to pay for the material cost, but as for the rest of the cost..do you charge by the hour? By size? By complexity? Do you pay half up front and half when the plush is done? I handsew all my plush, so they take a while, so I feel like if I charged by the hour it'd be pricey..but is that acceptable? I'm completely new to this, and would really appreciate help XD

And to make this post a little less text-heavy, here's a very bad picture of my Groudon pokedoll riding my giant Toothless plush:

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