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moving day sale!

sup collectors! i'm moving to a new house, and that means clearing the closets of spare pokemon stuff.

check it out!

so i have five plush stunkys, all waiting to find new homes where they will be cuddled and loved. i'm selling them for 20$ each, plus shipping (which varies depending on where you live)
1- choppii
2- zoroarcade

my caterpie bell plush was originally a gift, but right now i could use money to fix up the new house more than i could use him. he's got a bunch of hair from my cat on him, but he's been hanging neatly on a peg for the last few years. i'm accepting offers on him, and bidding closes on November 26th. please see the thread below for bids. bidding starts at 18$.

Chara Dash Launchers! i have no idea, man. they're like little launchers that shoot the pokemon off into space. i'm selling them for 8$ each plus shipping.
blastoise- sold to gengareric
chancey- sold to tortoises

just some miscelanous stuff. everything here is 4$.
items on hold:
bidoof for papaiyacoffee

items sold:
mewtwo suction cup to espie
two smaller mewtwos & mewtwo button to mewtwohavoka
eevee stamp to eeveez
aipom phone strap to sketchies
mudkips to kephisos
blastoise dome to gengareric

i'm cool combining shipping and i'm cool with shipping internationally. if you're interested in a shipping quote just give me a buzz.
Tags: aipom, bell plush, bidoof, blastoise, caterpie, dialga, dugtrio, eevee, gyarados, lickitung, magikarp, mewtwo, moltres, mudkip, plush, regirock, sales, snorlax, squirtle, stunky, torchic, xatu
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