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Quickie wants and need help/opinions!

Hi there people! <3

I am right now just quickly looking for a Servine kid (does not have to be MIB, but would be appreciated) and ANY Zorua MIB kid. If anyone has any of these two, please do let me know if you are willing to sell :)

And now something I need opinions or/and information on, because I cannot think of anybody/anyplace where I can ask. Most of you probably know I have moved back to my country in Europe, therefore I own an American Wii console. After going to so many game or any other electronic shops here, I had no luck finding a normal Power Adaptor/Cord for my Wii. As you probably know, we have a different electricity stream as in America, around 240 Volts and everytime I tried to connect my American Power Adapter to the electricity, it comes to a cut-out. When I borrowed my friend's Wii Power Adapter, which is obviously European, it worked with my Wii with no problem! Of course, I just cannot take my friend's adapter away, it's his. That why I wanted to ask you, where can I find a decent Power Adaptor on the Inet after not finding it in any normal shops? I don't know, is it true that if I do not use licensed adapters, it might shorten the life of my Wii? I think that is ridiculous, but I should ask anyways...

Also, I found this though:


As you can clearly see, this seller has so much positive feedback, but also negative...is it stupid to ask if that adapter is licensed by Nintendo? 

Or do you have something else you could show me and I could afford that is licensed by Nintendo? 

If I would not find a proper one....well, I would be upset if I could not play my Wii anymore, after buying so many games and my dad buying me Skyward Sword Collector's Edition and later Pokemon PokePark 2....

Your suggestions would be deeply appreciated! <33333

And last but not least, lookie what I got from chi0911282133:

Life is beautiful. I got the stickers! Now my Parade starters are all complete! <33333
If you don't know what I am talking about: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10694739.html

Now the Parade train is all happy! :D
Tags: kids, oshawott, servine, snivy, tepig, zorua
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