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Collection Update #1!

Hey guys! It's been a great past month or so on the community, everybody here is so nice! <3
It's really cool to see everybody's collections grow, it's just amazing.

Anyway, here's my first collection update since I joined in October! :D

Since I've joined, I've bought a few things from some awesome members. C:

First up is this awesome Charmander keychain I won in an auction run by shiningmew! <3 It's really adorable, I tried to catch the cuteness with my crap cellphone camera, but it didn't turn out so well. *derp*

Also from shiningmew, a Sceptile PokeDex Figure! I've always had my eye on this figure, since the dex fgure series is very interesting to me. I love the pose <3

This Raichu League Patch is from truxor! It completes my collection of the patches given away at the Pokemon League locations for the HG/SS Pokathlon series. I missed out on the Raichu season at my local league, so it was nice to be able to buy this on the community. C:

Awesome Charizard things from 99reddrifloons! I love the coin so much, and the freebie fats were really nice to open up with the package too <33 I love both of them, they're so interesting!

Yessss Shiny Entei Puzzle Figure from sorcererhuntres! It's so pretty, I'm such a sucker for Shiny Entei. xD

Finally bought a Charizard TFG, thanks to minhimalism! I put off buying one because I thought that the starter packs would be sold in my local Target until the end of time, since nobody ever bought TFGs from it except for what seemed to be me and a couple other people. I was totally wrong. xD;;

I saw a picture of this pouch on this very community once when I was Googling for Pokemon things a few years ago, and totally forgot about it until I saw it in helloskitty's sales. I had to snatch it up, it's so awesome. I'm totally adicted to the old Sugimori art for Charizard, just so you guys know.

Outside of the community, I've bought a few Pokemon things from conventions and local stores since my last post. C:

Of course, the ever amazing Serperior and Zekrom bottlecap figures! I was super excited when I saw pre-release pictures of these, and when they finally came to the stores around me I totally jumped on them. I'm going back to get the Reshiram box this weekend. <3

At the conventions I went to, there was a booth selling second-hand Japanese Pokemon figures (probably bought from large lots on Y!J or something), so I picked up a few that I've been looking for. C:

You guys would've laughed if you saw my expression and actions (totally flailed and squealed the seller's pants off) when I found all of these figures, especially the Altaria bell. <33 It's so precious, and I've read that it's a rare Altaria item so yay!

My first battrio! These things are really awesome, I can imagine myself buying a whole bunch in my future, given my obsession with coins. xD;;

I bought these adorable custom pins from a booth in the artist alley. <33 I love the Mew one a lot!

Some of my most saught-after kid figures were found at the same dealer's booth that had the Altaria bell! That Charmander is my favorite though, I think. <3

I started a second line of coins on my bookshelves because I got more TCG coins, as well as the battrio pictured above. C: I can't wait to be able to fill all of my shelve edges with these things!

Also after buying those kids at the con, I think I've caught the kid addiction bug. xD Ah well, they're worth it. <33

That concludes my collection update, thanks for reading! <33

I'll be re-organizing many of my shelves this week, since I'm off school, so I'll probably do another update on or around Sunday!
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