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Once upon a time...

Today I bring you a story of mythical proportions.

A long time ago when Pokemon was in its infancy, there existed strange plush known only as mirage plush. These plush were so rare that only a few people know about them. They were said to orginate from a land known only as "Europe" One noble mod named denkimouse(Gin). decided to go on a quest to seek these myserious plush and learn more about them. http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10092541.html

In a mysterious land known as " United Kingdom" two people called fizzycat and hebilea saw three of these "mirage plush" appear wild on the bay of E.
So they contacted a dragon lord called dragonrider49 to help them capture these creatures.

As you can see Dragonrider was succsessful in her mission. She captured them at the same time as she captured the mythical BK Dragonair.

Donatello the Squirtle and mirage mander. Sadly, Mirage mander isn't a permenat resident. He is staying the weekend. Both are quite soft and fuzzy to touch ( yes I named my squirtle after TMNT!- i need three more squirtle plushes!)

Mirage-chu. Being as Pika is known everywhere ( even my mum knows pikachu!) Mirage-chus are tricky to determine. With a similar tush tag that Donatello and mirage-mander has- it can be assumed that this pika is definutly a mirage plush!

If anyone is interested in mirage pika please let me know.

Info on tush tags. .
My camera isn't the best for close-ups but all plush have "CE" mark for Europeon safety and company name- Trinton Turin (TT)

Edit: I can try and take photos of the tush tags tomorrow morning if requested. .

EDIT 2 Pikachu has a differnt tush tag- derp! I dodn't look very carfeullt at it!
it reads:
address of comapany
CE mark and safety infomation.
his origin indicates that he might have been a prize at an amusment park.

I counldn't resist:

swiss family charmander starring BIG charmander, Hasbro charmander,appaluse mander and Einstein.

I hope you enjoyed my story.

and I have JUST won my BIGGEST want yet! So in the words of Scar- be prepared! ( for my next update he's a big one- a point to anyone who can guess what he is!)
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