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Some PokeCen Wants! And shipping update.

Hello PKMN Collectors! I have been so quiet lately... Work doesn't help because I sit at a computer alllll day, so by the time I get home, I don't really want to look at a computer anymore. XD;

I'll start with the quick thing known as a shipping update for my Pokedoll and PokeCen GAs.

I have 7 more packages to ship! Every other package has been sent out. I've slowly been getting those to the post office about once a week, so I apologize that shipping has probably been a bit slower than everyone has probably hoped for. I will be packing up the rest this weekend and shipping them out on Monday. If you would like feedback, please let me know by linking me to your feedback and I will get on that right away. :)

And now I have wants... Wants from me?! It's been so long! I have become much more stingy with my Pokemon money as of late, so not much has been spent on the comm... but there are a few things I've been looking out for and I was wondering if you guys could help!

Top of the list would be a 1:1 Scraggy PokeCen plush. I have been wanting one for quite some time now, but the time never seemed right to take the plunge and purchase one. There are some scattered around the internet for $160+, but I figured I would try checking the comm first to see if anyone had one for cheaper (and of course, I feel much safer buying from here than random sites <3). I was also wondering if anyone would be interested in trading a 1:1 Scraggy for my large fuzzy laying Pikachu plush MWT. If not, I will most definitely be putting that plush up for sale/auction soon, so stay tuned if you're on the lookout for one!

Next up would be a Canvas want! I have yet to make any purchases because I've been looking for one of the adorable Canvas mugs that appeared in the initial advertisement. I have no idea if they're available or anything since I've only looked for Canvas things briefly on other sites. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about them in terms of availability and where I could get one. :)

And this is a really small random want, but does anyone have the large Darumakka decal sticker? And does anyone know of any other Pokemon decals that are available? I'm not big on stickers, but decals are awesome for being removable and on the bigger side, so I would love to have more Pokemon ones! >w<

That's all for now. I apologize for the really boring post... I plan on doing a massive weeding whenever I get off my lazy butt to take pictures and stuff, so hopefully I'll be back with a post sooner rather than later. :)
Tags: scraggy, wanted
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