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Cleaning a beloved plush

Hey guys! I know this question gets thrown about every so often, but I was hoping for some advice since the plush I have in mind has longer "fur" than most. 

It's this guy I'm worried about: 

I sleep with him every night and his fur has gotten a bit oily because of it. It's still very soft, but not the same kind of fluffy as when I first got him. The tips of his ears and paws are starting to mat a bit too, though I admit I haven't tried brushing them out yet.

I was thinking about putting him in the washing machine while I'm home on a gentle cycle and then doing the same with a gentle setting in the dryer. My biggest worry about these is that the stuffing inside will ball up and become uneven. I can always hand-wash, but I'm not sure that'll penetrate the fur in the way that I think it needs.

Has anybody ever washed plush with longer fur? Should I take the risk with the washing machine? 
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