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So, the other day I was lurking here as I usually do (I swear, I stalk you people xD I feel like a creeper...) and it suddenly hit me that it's been over a year since I made my first and only post to this community. So I figured it was time for a collection update! Not that I have much of a collection to update, but... Woo? If it makes this post anymore interesting, I also have another custom plush I made that I wanted to share! 

Anyway, a year ago my collection looked like this:

Pretty small, huh? Well, thanks to the community, I've made a few additions to my collection! 

First off, here's what my plush collection looks like now: 

I love each and every one, and snuggle with them all the time. *3* They are the best. Nothing too expensive or anything, but the cute factor radiating from them is undeniable. I really do need to collect more plush. 

Oh! Also, I have some kids figures!! My first kids figures! I actually got them many months ago, but yeah. Aforementioned lack up updates and innate lurker personality... /pathetic

I don't even care that they came with smudges. When I do start caring about it, I just look at torchic's adorable smile and I can't be miffed anymore. Haha. Torchic's too cute for its own good. Whatever you do, don't look into its eyes!

I have a bit of a confession to make. Actually, I'm more a doujinshi collector than anything. o///o I know. I'm a traitor. But while I mostly collect Naruto doujinshi, and I have a decent amount of Pokémon, too! 

Gameverse Green/Red/Green is my OTP and hence the main focus of my doujinshi collection, but I love lots and lots of other pairings, too! I think that's kind of reflected in my collection, as you can see. Ah, I can't help it. I love doujinshi. I mean, it's like fanfiction with pictures!! What's not to love? *happy sigh* 

Also, I made another plush! It was for my very, very good online friend's birthday. =) Due to certain circumstances, I was really, really late in making it for her, though. ;-; Three months... Sigh. But I got through it, and made her a life-sized eevee plush last weekend! 

I'm posting this to my DA after it arrives at her house. ^^ But since she's not a member of this community (does she even know about it...?), I figured I could display it with my collection update without ruining her surprise. God, I'll be mortified if she stumbles across this before it arrives... Let's keep our fingers crossed, yeah? 

Anyway, at sixteen inches tall I accidentally made it a little bigger than a 1:1 eevee. Darn it. I suppose that's the risk you run when you make the pattern yourself, huh? It's mostly machine sewn, though I had to hand-stitch a few things. I originally intended to go into more detail with it (such as with the ears, the pads on its feet, ect), but I ended up liking how simplistic it looked. I chose the absolute softest fur I could find at the fabric store for maximum cuddling value. If luck is on my side, she'll like at it least a little. <3 Oh, I hope she does... 

Well, that's about it. =D I'm sorry I'm not more interesting... Thank you very much for your time! 
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