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whoa! 1/2 of a grail get!

Hey everyone! I'm back with a new update. I.....I should actually take a photo of my collection soon rather than just say I got something ._. 
Anyway, this get is actually part 1 out of I guess, 2 parts to my grail! 

I actually got her XD) on Wednesday but didn't update until now. 
Now then, just who is she?! 


LATIAS! The TOMY Latias to be exact. She and her brother have been my grails since late 2008, but never until now, did I ever think I would actually get one of them! She needs to be reunited with her brother XD (I have a bigger bias for Latios, but oh well c:) 
She's so cute and so small! Thank you so much for auctioning them techno4tomcats! She is perfect ;A; 

Size comparison with the Pokemon Time Wailord :3 

Bonus! (I like bonus pictures :D) 

Latias: I miss you!!! :( (my tabs and downloads aren't relevant!) 

Thanks for looking! :) 
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