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pixel pixie's parlour

pokemon cards for sale =)

I've posted these before but I've now changed the prices and included the price in US dollars, I'm also open to offers on all of them as to be honest, I really just want them gone - I don't have the room to store them, I no longer collect the cards and I would like to get a little bit of monies to build my Piplup collection =)

Holographic TCG Cards
Jolteon (Jungle) - $4/£2
Vaporeon (Jungle) - $4/£2
Ninetails (Base) - $4/£2 SOLD
Zapdos (Base) - $4/£2
They're all in perfect condition as they have been in their plastic protective cases since I got them.

Various Topps Cards - $0.50/£0.25 each
Again, all in perfect condition

Same as above but shiny - $0.50/£0.25
Also mint condition =)

More topps cards, a few of these are shiny too - $0.50/£0.25
Yep, mint condition again lol, I've looked after them all XD

Topps scene cards, again a few are shiny - $0.50/£0.25

Burger King cards, the last 5 in the second picture are actually just the backs of the cards to show the other images - $0.50/£0.25
all of them are in good condition except for the paras card which has a slight tear on the back so this one is only $0.30/£0.15

Topps first movie cards - $0.50/£0.25
All in perfect condition

I'm also willing to take offers, especially if anyone would like to buy multiples (or all, whatever XD)

Shipping prices: if you're in the uk: $1.00/£0.50, if you're overseas: $2.40/£1.20 (these prices include the price of the envelope, the actual post and the paypal fees)

Obviously if you buy a lot though the price of posting them will be more depending on their weight so I would need to find out how much they weigh before I can give a price for that, so if anyone would like to buy a lot of them, let me know and I'll find out the price of posting them for you. =)

Payments made in paypal please and I'll accept in USD or GBP, I don't mind =)

Sorry the pictures aren't great btw, if you would like larger pictures of any of the cards then feel free to ask and I'll take another photo ^^

also, if anyone would like to trade for anything piplup or buneary related, i would be very happy XD Lol

Thanks in advance to any interest =)

oh and to raichu26  your cards are now on their way to you and as you can see, the post was cheaper than they had originally told me it would be so I've sent a refund of the difference to your email address =)

Ooh and today my boyfriend treated me to my very first Pokekids! I'm so excited to see them! =D It's a shame the store had no Piplups or Bunearys left though =(
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