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Collection update and New York questions

I did a small update with this incredibly cute Squirtle from keymonster a while ago, but here he is again XD Does anybody know if keymonster still uses Livejournal? I've been trying to contact them for a while now...

Klink and Klinklang MPC from shiningmew. I love these guys ^^


Here is the awesome stuff I got from jensoxen!

Groudon Pokedoll, whom I named Jacques XD

BEAUTIFUL drawing. My camera couldn't really capture how truly great this picture is...

I saved the best for the last ^^ I commissioned a Primeape pokedoll figure from jensoxen, and I was just speechless when I got him in the mail. He's incredibly detailed for his size, and is one of my favorite pieces in my entire collection :)

I am going to New York City this Saturday, and there's a few places I'd like to go:
*Nintendo World of course... Have they added any Poké merch in the past few weeks (specifically plushies)
*Image Anime. What kinds of stuff do they have here, and how far is it from Nintendo World?

Thank you, and have a nice afternoon ^^

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