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Small sales post~

Hello everyone!
I haven't posted anything in a while so I decided to make my first sales post, since I got my permission just few days ago! :3
There's nothing much yet tho, but I hope people want to buy~

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011
Feedback thread located here. I will leave you feedback if you ask
Payment with PayPal only
I ship from Finland, so shipping might me little high, sorry about that!
I prefer money over trades, but I accept Hoothoot/ Noctowl, Dialga and Panpour/ Simipour items as a trade


Banpresto UFO Snivy (tush and hang tag) $15
European Torchic plush (tush tag, loved) $4
Banpresto Minky Torchic with Ribbon (tush tag) $20 ON HOLD


Jakks Giratina $5
Jakks Land Shaymin $4

Unown Evolution figure/Zukan (missing one of the Unowns, I should still have it somewhere tho) $5

Piplup MD diorama (without the base) $5 ON HOLD


Double Stickers

I don't really want to cut these, because I'm afraid I will ruin them, sorry!
Everything is $1 each, glittery are $2

Ghastly/Dustox, Chinchou/Treeco, Cacturne/Croconaw
Pichu/Smeargle, Maccargo/Espeon, Unown/Shellder
Tentacruel/Granbul, Mightyena/Zapdos, Dugtrio/Smoochum
Kangaskhan/Lileep, Kyogre/Pidgey, Lickitung/Ninjask

Slowbro/Cacnea, Aron/Raichu, Whiscash/Igglypuff, Duskull/Togetic, Roselia/Clefable
Shedninja/Natu, Venomoth/Aggron, Furret/Grovyle, Ralts/Bellossom, Horsea/Kirlia

Grimer/Illumise, Cleffa/Hariyama, Sceptile/Machop, Psyduck/Breloom
Staryu/Wobuffet, Haunter/Azurill, Nuzleaf/Machoke, Shiftry/Seadra

Claydol/Paras, Quilfish/Skiploom, Donphan/Slowking, Castform/Xatu
Kabuto/Combusken, Jigglytuff/Crawdaunt, Vigoroth/Rhyhorn, Solrock/Tangela

Masquerain/Dewgong, Sudowoodo/Electrode (glittery)
Seviper/Wartortle, Feebas/Magmar
Machamp/Lunatone, Starmie/Beldum

(These are $0.50 each)

Hitmonchan, Exeggcute
Wurmple, Whiscash
Jigglypuff, Mewtwo

(Better pics of the Skymin)

Silver Charizard/Garchomp Coin $2
Red Charizard/Garchomp Coin $2

Clear Sky Shaymin phone charm (strap removed but still has it) $3

Sorry for any spelling errors, it's so late and I can't see the keyboard! xD
Happy buying folks~
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