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Plushies GA arrived + Wantlist

It's been a while I didn't post here. So, good news for the GA participants, the plushies are here !

I get many new stuff since september but I'm too lazy tu made an update post, I'll probably make a collection post soon + a cleaning sales post.

I made pictures of the GA !
First, i was very surprised by the Lucario Pokedoll I have claimed because it's the 2005 Japanese pokedoll and wow, he's so perfect, unused, very clean. It's very a beautiful pokedoll.

May's Bulbasaur for rusey :
Very cute ! A very lovely plush, he's in perfect conitions, not used, no dirts.

Pelipper for flag :
Same as Bulbasaur. Perfect conitions, not used, no dirts.

Plusle for eledora :
Good conditions but the Velboa is a bit used on the paws and the tail.

Politoed for darkangellilith
His hair curl is arrived separated but it can be easly glued (I had the same with the tomy Kecleon).
I didn't hear from you after the first payment you would be send me the 2nd and the 3rd in the same time please.

The International shipping will cost $5.6 per participant, Please send it to lolocheminade[at]hotmail.fr
Remember to include your username and "plush GA" in the memo please.

Thank you guys for your patience. You can comment this post to request me a feedback =)
I've updated my wantlist today about my wants for my mains collections, you can found it here.
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