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re-intro!! plus update

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted on here so I felt I needed to re-introduce myself to the community. So hi, my name is Jessica, I'm 16 years old, and from Missouri in the US. I joined the community over a year ago and I havn't made a post in months. I collect eevee, flareon, tepig, nido male line, sandshrew line, charmander line, bulbasaur line, and squirtle line. And my favorite pokemon are flareon and tepig.

So this is my main collection shelf I keep all of my specific collections here so yea... haha

So on the very top of my shelf I keep my legendary pokemon pokedolls. For what ever reason I just LOVE legendary pokemon in pokedoll form I don't really know why but i just do :)

sorry for the burryness, but here's my nidoran male line collecion :)

shrews :) <3

just so pokeballs on my top shelf to take up some space haha the pokeball on the far right was acctually a tennis ball that i painted

om-nom-nomanyte with little caterpie on top :)

Tepig shelf :D

Flareon/ eevee shelf <3

charmander line

and on the bottom shelf there is the bulba line and...

squirtle line

yea just a box full of mostly pokemon stuff that i either don't have room to display or just don't want to display haha

some of my plushies

tiny tiny shelf with some kids and stuff :)

another tiny tiny shelf haha

most of my smaller plush

and more plush

and then these big guys who just lay about my room haha

ok now for the actual update :P

so since the last time I've posted I've added a new collection which is Tepig so here is a closer look at the plushies.

cute little charm :)

my army of mcdonalds tepigs

other stuff :)

a really epic card i recently got it's so huge and awesome!! the 3d effect is really amazing in person


and more figures :)

and a charm made by reiaa. it's so adorable!

and another charm from reilaa :D

the flareon at the top left is also a custom! (sorry I forgot the username! D:)

Jakks eevee :)

last Saturday I went to the mall and I was suprised to see that there was a pokemon card game tournement going on. And at the card shop they had some DX TOMYs for sale so I had to pick up the eevee one :D it's truely an amazing figure

it's tag :D

charizaaaaarrrrds :)

a cute little charmander figure i got at the tournement

the blastoise in the back came with my birthday cake in March. And the blastoise infront i got at a fleemarket

I got the bulbasaur from the tournement :)

pikachu is from a fleemarket he also makes noise haha

I found this lickitung plushie at a local anime shop for like 2 bucks

zoroark is from an anime convention

new plushies

more new plushies :)

some little charms I got from a local anime shop

custom Cilan plush charm (for the username sorry!)

new figures


got him at a fleemarket

I recently got a moltres DX TOMY! I really love DX TOMYs haha

so my mother was going through her closet and she found an extra leafeon pokedoll that she once ordered and it got lost in the mail for a bit and we ordered another one. so I'll most likely sell him once i get sales permission :)

and lastly on a side note I make fursuits and at an anime convention earlier this year i wore a Stantler fursuit I made :)

I hope you enjoyed it! bye!

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