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Talky, Pokedolls+Collection Update

A new addition has arrived which means another epic collection update! He's already wiggling his way out! Hurry! Go under the cut!




Yes, this is my brand new custom Vigoroth Pokedoll! Made by you guessed it, Usakochan!!! ~<3 <3 <3 C8 She has done it again and made my designs come to life. Again, such incredible work and detail went into it. I asked her to base his body type on a Sawk and Croagunk pokedoll since they have the same type of sitting/long arms/ and curve on the back as Vigoroth does. 

I adore his tuffs of fur on his chest and cheeks. And again, I love the teeth! And I like how his paw pads stick out a little. I've always wanted a Vigoroth plush in any shape or form and I knew he'd never get a pokedoll any time soon, so this is a treasure to me. Vigoroth is very close to my heart. 

That little pink bootie and stripes. ;3;

I can also fold his arms in this cute little sitting position. 

Here is my Slakoth baby with his new brother. I love how their both Pokedoll size yet Vigoroth is a wee bit bigger. Just like as if he evolved. He's the same size as my Breloom who is 6 inches. I love how she made them a bit bigger than their prevo's. X3

Close-up shots. Just look at those eye rings! I know how hard circles can be to embroidery but these are just perfect!

Nosey side view shot. I'm so close to finishing my lines in pokedoll form. Just 2 left!!!

And here are the only Vigoroth plush in existence. My prototype is already excited to have poke-vigo here with him. 

Speaking of pokedolls, I recently completed my Hoenn Starter Pokedoll trio! This took ages to complete! I really like these starters and all their forms were cool. I'm very picky with starters and never usually like all 3 of them. I plan to make shiny variants in the future. :D

I do love the cotton weed line and have been after the Zukan for a couple years now. Its really adorable! And I had no idea that Jumpluff was smaller than Skiploom. All I need are the Jumpluff tomy and all 3 of the kid figures. ^^

Whimsicott is so amazed with this charm! She can't believe how cute poke-time Absol could be. I was happy that ONE of the hoenn pokemon I collect got in the poke time line up. And I was REALLY glad it was Absol. This was the only thing from the promotion that I wanted though. Just love its eyes and little claws.

I found this at my local target and HAD to buy it just for this figure....I don't want the cards so I might sell those later. This is so gorgeous, I don't want to hardcore or even side collect Reshiram but I did want to get this figure. 

I also found a Jakks  Dewott figure at Target! He's pretty huge but I wish he had more movable parts, he just kinda stands there. I also got two baby Mien kids. I plan to repaint one shiny during the holidays. The samurott bottlecap I found here on the community! That pose and his blade AGH! So cool!

And I recently gotten a new light box for some of my misc. figures. Its pretty cool! But one of my roommates knocked into it and broke one of the sides. XD I still gotta glue it back but for now. This will do. I think I need more of these for the future. 

YEEEEEE~ A new Raichu item for meeeeee! I haven't bought one in awhile but I still love my little chu. I wanted this chubby variant of rai. I had the smaller keychain with the brown colored tail but this one is soooo cute. ;3; And BIG!

Emolga: I know you guys are cool and all but....lets talk more about me.

A cute little 'Monga sketch from Gin, you know what that meeeeeeans?

The happiest most chubby monga ever is hooooooome!!!!!

I was too OCD to NOT get him with the box. 9w9

This......this is the cuddliest emonga ever! His chubby ears are the best and even though he has a voice box in his butt he is STILL very very squishy and you hardly even notice its there. This is my very first talky plush and I was a little hesitant to get one due to the price but he is TOTALLY worth it! The quality is through the roof! You will not be disappointed.

Taggy tag. 

I'm so glad I kept the box.....the art on it is so cute! I doubt any of my other lines would get a talky but I hope so, then Emonga will have someone to talk to besides me. 

This little guy came in the mail too! Agggggh! Yes! An emonga who doesn't suffer from same pose syndrome. I adore when his wing flaps are folded. X3 Now I have him in stamp form

I had to move my Emonga collection AGAIN since he is getting a lot of merch lately. *0* which isn't a bad thing, I just need more room....somewhere....

All my misc small items....

Keychains, stickers, coins, ext. You may have noticed someone was missing. He is too big to fit on this shelf so he was moved....

....here! With my beloveds! These are pretty much my prized possessions. I can't believe everything on this shelf totals up to about 1,000+ moneys. *x* Totally worth it for these babies though.

I'm also looking for a few things:
*Emolga soapy figure
*Emolga figure straps/clear and normal versions
*Iris Team Charm featuring: Emolga/Axew/Excadrill
*Emolga/Pikachu/Whimisott Wash Cloth
*Woobat Figure straps/ Clear and Normal versions
*Emolga pink foam stamp

And everything else can be seen on my wants page:http://slothyshroom.weebly.com/wants.html

Thanks for looking!

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