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Shipped Items, Collection Update, And Torrtera Kid Sale

Hiya! First off, I'd like to let everyone who bought and/or traded items from/with me from my last sales post that I shipped your items out yesterday. :) They should be getting to you soon. Oh and, featherclaw, I mailed your Darkrai pez dispenser yesterday, too. ^_^

I've been meaning to do a collection update for quite awhile, but I've been TRYING to be patient while awaiting other items still coming in the mail. Still... I couldn't wait. ^^;; So, here is a collection update of the new things in my collection thus far.

My new plushies! <333 The big Chari I got off of ebay for a little under $18. Luckily, he was a "Buy It Now" item, so I didn't have to worry about people bidding on him. ^^ I just got the Heatran UFO plush yesterday. Dude, I've seen those things go for well over $30 on ebay! o_O I don't get it... I bought him for only $12.99. ^^; Even though I'm not a big Heatran fan, this plush was just too cute to pass up. :3 The Giratina Pokedoll had the same effect one me. =D Next is the Xmas Riolu doll. <3 He's so freakin adorable! =^^= I hear the Xmas line of plushies are rare now, right? >.> Next to him is the Charmander plush keychain I got from invader_julie. :3 Thanks again! He's so cute!

Random stuff I've gotten over the span of a month or two. ^_^ The Hikozaru zukan line was a gift from kaygee84! <333 I LOVE IT~!!! I honestly forgot what line of toys the Infernape figure next to the zukan came from. It comes from a blind-box with ramune candy and character card. He's an awesome Zaru! <3 Next is my big Ladylegs keychain. <3 The Groudon keychain is quite rare. I was lucky Anime Jungle had it. It was made back in 2003. I lurve him. :3 Behind them is the clear Latias figure that I'm sure everyone has. ^^;; I have to admit, it's very well made. I just wish it's arms weren't so unstable.

These are kids I've received from you guys here on the community! <333 Thank you all so much! They will be treasured. Also, forgive me for not remembering everyone's user name. *bows* I've gotten SO many packages over the span of two weeks and it's a tad difficult to remember who sent me what. ^^;; I'm sorry!

These are kids I've bought at both Little Tokyo and the awesome booth in my local mall. ^_^ I was really happy to see Lugia and Ho-Oh at that booth. I've wanted them for quite awhile. :3 You shoulda seen how quickly I snagged Lucario, Cresselia, and the neighing Time Pony when i saw them in Anime Jungle. XD I've seen that damn Cresselia kid on ebay sell for around $8-10 each! o_o Seriously, wtf?! It's not like it's OOP yet. *shrugs* $2 is fine in my opinion. I DID have to pay $4 for Lugia and Ho-Oh, though. The owner of the booth in the mall sells her kids for that much. I only get them from her if I know they're rare.

Last, but not least, my new Glaceon/Leafeon card folder! <3 To be honest, I don't really like the way Glaceon was drawn. It looks a bit pudgy in the face. >.> Leafoen looks nice, though. The BG art looks really pretty, too.

I now have a pic of the Torrtera kid up for sale ^_^ SOLD

He's rather cute. :3 $4 for him. If you'd like to look at my last sales post for other items still available to purchase with him , please do. :) Some prices have been reduced.
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