Josh ~ 水ポケモン (joshpho) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Josh ~ 水ポケモン

GA lost+new lot

Hi everyone, I'm afraid this GA has been lost:

There was unfortunately a technical glitch with SMJ when Megu was bidding which caused the bid not to be put in. I know there was a lot of nice stuff in here people wanted--including myself--but sometimes it just doesn't work out. Still, I would like to give Megu a hand for volunteering to bid; using a middleman can be a challenge, especially late at night with a large lot. 

On a lighter note: I found a new R/S/E lot with some nice MIP Zukans on Y!J. Would anyone be interested in hosting this with me? I would be doing threads and spreadsheets. 

Edit: The above lot is ending pretty soon, so if you're interested in hosting please speak now! It includes Seviper/Zangoose, Mudkip line, Ludicolo line, Medicham line, Glalie line, Golem line, and Ninjask/Shedninja/Nicicada.
Tags: zukan
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