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Awesome get; collection update & reduced Sales

NB: Tags refer to collection- not Sales

I went to pick up something really awesome from the Sorting Office this weekend:

It was really well packaged- not just wrapped in one Jiffy Bag:

Or two:

Yes- it was wrapped in 3 Jiffy Bags. Not that I mind considering what it is:

Signed by Mitsuhiro Arita (apparently); who does a lot of art for the Pokemon cards; including Dark Raichu.
Arita's cards happen to be some of my favourites; I loved many of his cards from the Base set onwards. (I also recently discovered he was male- I've been thinking he was a female for most of my life!) Dark Raichu is my all time favourite card.
Obviously there isn't a certificate of authenticity- the seller said they got it signed from a convention. The seller appeared genuine (and didn't have 500 other signed cards!) and it looks like Arita's name in Japanese characters. Raichu is not in the best condition; he has a few scratches- but he's not terrible.
So pleased to get this; can't class it as a grail as I didn't want it until I saw it/bought it- but it must have a pretty rare status. Really glad to have a signed card though (I have a side collection of signed Pokemon comics).
There is a question for the serious card collectors- did all of the Dark Raichu Legendary cards have a holo imprinting over the lightning between the tail and the hand? I first thought that the image had been scratched off; but I can see the holo has inprinted (or image not inprinted). It just looks a bit odd. My Japanese Neo DR has it looking normal; and I'm sure the English Rocket card was normal too:

Dunno if you can see that well; but it just looks like a huge gap between the tail and the paw on the Legendary.

And for my other recent gets:

Hang on....i don't collect those Pokemon?!
Nope; but I collect these:

Thanks rachelled!

And from eBay I got an adorable Pichu ANA pouch; and the most adorable little slippers in the world (also ANA):

The pouch is quite large and very useful for storing my smaller flat ANA items. Scroll down to see some of the images on the slipper; so cute! Never thought I'd see a Mudkip on a cloud:

And I received some genga from denkimouse. Simple sheets of Dawn opening a door; but they are pretty awesome. I really want to make a GIF with them (the expression in what I'm assuming is the last scene can make it useful for any moment of shock etc); but my camera sucks and my scanner sucks and the sheets are bigger than A4. I'm still pleased though:

And now for my Sales. I have added an Abra line Zukan, and reduced prices on flats and some figures. I still have Pikachu & Pansage TY beanies too. Please note that my shipping prices have gone up due to exchange rates etc. I know it sucks.
I was granted Sales Permission by Denkimouse back in 2008:

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