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New Gets! ♥

Wow I haven't posted here in forever! Due to saving up for a trip (and not making much to begin with rofl) I haven't had any money to spend on Pokemon. But I do have a few things I got recently! And I'm done saving (for now) because my trip happened (and was awesome).

What's this? :O

Recently, my super awesome coltfriend gave me some awesome gifts just because. XD He works at gamestop so he snagged me a pack of those Pokemon Rumble Blast buttons. Sadly, I lost Oshawott ;^; I eventually want to get the game because it looks adorable, but I have no 3DS~! Anyway, he also gave me a Jakks Munna plush >w< I'd been wanting a Munna plush for awhile because I trained one in my second playthrough of Black. Picture:

Stubby little leggies! <3 She had a little hole in her head where the tag had been pulled out I think. But I fixed her :>

Anyway, back to that green thing in the picture above. Remember the trip I mentioned earlier? That trip was to Anime USA in VA. Which was actually my first con (at the ripe old age of 21-almost-22)! I went with the intention of buying mostly Pokemon stuff but shockingly enough I didn't buy anything Pokemon until the last day! So what did I buy?

Eeeee Tomy Sewaddle plush! Lookit that face. It's so cute. Look at her little fangsies! Her name is Elly (she's the first of my Pokemon plushies to have a name 8D) after my dear friend who helped me buy her (because I didn't have enough for Sewaddle and for food >.>).

Wittle feetsies~! I have more merch of Sewaddle than I do of Bachuru, who is actually my favorite *snort*. One day I will buy that plush keychain of Bachuru that I couldn't buy when it came out =_______= One day.

Hm? What's that Sewaddle?

Oh, right! I also got a cool button in the artists' alley. The Hive badge, because I love bug types >w<
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