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Pikachus, kids, mini grail and more

I received two packages in the mail today! It was full of Pikachus! Along with Plusle, Nidoran, Nidoking, and two of my mini-grails~ Check to find out! 8D

So, I got a package from the lovely Jantyl all the way from China! I got to add so many lovely things to my Pikachu collection! Ah, I love all of them! I got a little Pikachu diorama thingy, magnets, Hong Kong rails plush, mini gacha machine and then I got a little plusle for free! I now have a goal to get the matching minun! Haha




Then another package from the UK reveiled my Nidoran and Nidoking kids! I just love that little Nidoran, look at his tiny smooshed-ness! Haha he looks like he got sat on and now he's going to tackle someone x3


And, what are these two mini-grails you may ask?

Well, they are the Houndour and Houndoom kids! Ah, I love them!! I had to fight an intense eBay battle for them for a while :/ Haha I also bought the other Houndoom kid from someone here so I'm waiting on that one :D


Also, does anyone know what other pokemon came out in the mini gacha style? :D
Tags: houndoom, houndour, nidoking, nidoran, pikachu, plusle
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