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Reintro, sorta, I guess~

Hey guys :D

It's been a long time! I guess I'll do a quick reintro. My name is Carly, I'm 24, and my favorite Pokemon is Pokabu/Tepig! Now that I have a minute, I thought I'd do a collection update. I'm sure you've seen me around buying stuff here and there~!

I was recently fortunate enough to be able to take a trip to New York City (for Comic Con) in October, and go to Nintendo World for the first time!

Travel buddies, ready! Talky Pokabu, Chillarmy and Munna ARE READY

I was stupid and didn't take any pictures at the actual Nintendo World...oh wait, except one!

Yeah, I'm totally wearing a kid's Pokabu shirt XD What can I say, he's my fave :3 <3 As we were leaving, the security guard was like "Is Tepig your favorite?! Look, we have a cardboard cut out of him, do you want your picture?!" But we were in a hurry so, nope :( But still, a good bro.

My Nintedo World haul from the first day! But then we had plans to meet up with some other friends at Nintendo World the next day, too...oh no!

This was my haul at some point at the con, ahaha. MPC's and A POKABU BACKPACK, and KIDS <3 I kept taking these silly pictures of my hauls to send to my mom to make her shake her head at me....I spent so much money at that booth x____x

Some fellow Pokemon anime friends hung out for the evening, and this happened...

This was our hotel couch for the it sad that only the monkeys, the Snivy and the Miju aren't mine? XD

At some point we stopped at a small Asian market for some food, and found this instead! Pokemon gum and, idk, little note card things? :D I bought ALL THAT THEY HAD! (They were only $1+ each or so XD) The cards came 2 to one of those little packs seen above. They're really cute!

Comic Con was AWESOME, and Nintedo World was AWESOME, though they were sadly lacking in stock at the time ;_; I was hoping to get a Piplup DX plush, a large Zekrom, and a large Reshiram, but sadly the only thing of the 3 that they had was the Zekky. At least I can say that I went there, though, it was really fun, especially being there with other Pokemon fans :D

Now, a collection update!

Sadly, this is only the organized part of my collection! XD I have a bunch more random pokedolls and kids floating around...

First, my main collection, Pokabu!

I received a talking Pokabu for my birthday and July, and I must say, BEST. POKABU. EVER. His voice is adorable. I took him to the con with me and my friends had so much fun interacting with him!

Then, Zekroms <3

He was never meant to be a main collection, honestly. This was not supposed to happen. But there is just so much delicious merch of him ;_; And I cannot hype the Pokedoll enough! I ordered him off Sunyshore, and he arrived while I was gone at Comic Con, and I was so pleasantly surprised when I arrived home to him <3

And now, my two side collections, sorta, kinda? XD

Zebras! <3 I fell in love with the Pokedoll, and just had to get one...then the MPC..then the plush...! I was disappointed they didn't have the Blitzle kid at the booth I bought all the kids at ;_; (I secretly wanted the black tail one..!)


I just completely adore these guys, and having an AWESOME Excadrill on my Black team only strengthened my love for it. And that Pokedoll. I squealed when I opened the package <3 By far my favorite mole merch so far!

And those are my main several collections. I also collect Pochama/Piplup, but sadly haven't purchased anything of it lately ;_; I'm waiting for the Pokabu canvas to be released so I can buy them both together Lately I've been in to collecting Munna and Kibago as well, but not enough to really organize and take a photo of XD

Hope you're all doing well and have a great day <3
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