Brent (shinysuicune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

mars is bright tonight...

Hey, how is everyone? I've decided that it's time for a teensy update! My Reshis are just dying to be seen, as well as a few other growing collections.

Here we have my Reshis (minus the art folio, herpderp! Forgot I moved it...)
Wait, what's this? The sexy new bottlecap aaand.....?

OHSH- both the Overdrive zukan! They're just so beautiful ;_; If anyone has the normal pose they don't want, let me know!

Now, on to a few other gets...

Two new additions to my Water and Flying shelf! Look how beautiful they are. I need more dex figures, they are very well sculpted and painted!

More Ash/Red stuff! I bought the poseable Ash a while ago here, and we found a few TFGs recently that I thought had been lost in a move! Not pictured is the old talking Ash's Pokedex. I had moved it and forgot to put it back.

Had to move him by the Pikas to get a proper picture...but here is the Feraligatr TFG! Isn't he gorgeous? Now to find my poor lost Charizard...

The plushies have moved! New here are my Hasbro Flygon who had been missing, talky Prinplup, and Jakks Deerling, Drilbur, Axew and Woobat. BUT Pokedolls? Well, they're above my computer and are awaiting a special new arrival before we take any family photos there... ;)

Some flying types on a chain! I hung this beside my little toy net of Starters. I don't have two Woobats, I simply moved him as I thought he would rather fly about than sit on the plush table. :3

Well, there you have it! I'll have new additions soon, and TONS after Christmas, so expect updates!

Also, does anyone want a Meowth clip plush, Meowth walkie talkie or a Sandile Jakks plush? I'd love to find them new homes, where they'll be loved a bit more!

*edit- cut fixed, sorry!
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