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Munchlax Collection Updates! :D And Pan sticker questions! :o

 I got my package from happyjolteon today and a new Munchlax plushie earlier in the week and decided it was time for an update. :) I have a few other Munchie things I haven't posted pictures of here yet either (though I think I mentioned them). Semi-large pictures so they are all beyond the cut! :D

EDIT- I am home now so I was able to take a picture of my whole shelf. :3

Larger under the cut. <3

Strap Munchlax is just hanging out for picture taking funtimes. He lives on my DS. And I did what norkia said and now Pikachu pan is happily stuck to my Darkrai tin! :D The space next to Pikachu-Bell is reserved for my Dratini and Snorlax bell plushies from heerosferret. :3 :3

I'm also expecting a Munchlax pokedoll, Darkrai attack Tomy, Clear Munchlax Kid and Pikachu Happy Mascot plush in the next couple of weeks. :3 I am going home for the summer on May 9th and hope everything is here by then. :x

Awesome Wobbly Munchlax and package art from a trade with pheonixxfoxx

Super cool Mystery Dungeon Munchlax. :D I love his little bag. :3

Squishy Munchlax! :D He's from my boyfriend. :3 He is a TY capsule toy. Other pokemon in the set include Sinnoh starters, Pikachu and Manaphy.

New Munchlax UFO of extreme adorableness! :D I *think* he might be one of the first Munchlax plush ever produced. His tag says he's from 2004. Sadly I have no idea what other Pokemon are in the set. ;_;

Stuff from happyjolteon! Cell phone pic because I am at my boyfriends. xD

The blue Munchlax is from a promotion for the seventh movie. They were given out in blind bags with admission if my research is correct.

Look at all the colors they came in! And I think I even missed a couple... I had no idea there were so many when I bought it but I feel lucky because the one I got is the one I would have wanted most anyways! :D He is totally my favorite shade of blue. <3

Tiny Munchlax is tiny! happyjolteon said that it was perhaps from the Chupa-Chups line? All I know is it was made by Tomy. xD He is adorable <3

Big Munchlax is big! :O I had no idea he was this big! This is my first Jakks figure. I have heard bad things about their paint jobs, but this one seems okay. His eyes were printed twice though. xD You can't tell unless you really look though. I think I might have to kick out my papercraft Munchlax to fit him on my shelf. :D

Pikachu GachaUSA buildable figure! :D He is adorable, thank you so much for including him! Also thanks for the insert. I like having inserts. X3

And finally, Pikachu Pan sticker! :D I really like the pose. :3

And here's how my DS looked for a few minutes before I took the sticker off. ;_; My case changes color with heat. :3

Now a question about Pan stickers to people who actually stick them on stuff: My Pikachu is not very sticky and wouldn't stay on either of the places I put it. D: He's fine on the paper, and I will just display him that way and he will be awesome and stuff, but I was just wondering if they are all like that (to be removeable and stuff) or if mines just old or something. xD Thanks! :D
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