Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Jensoxen GA payment 3! Also Lifesize GA news

Hi guys! I am now recovered from a chest infection (mostly), and have spent this evening weighing and packaging up your GA items!
The spreadsheet for Payment 3 is here: CLICK

The Journal post with photographs is here:
The extras are here:

Payments to please - I'll PM everyone tomorrow about this so we all know.

Please check the spreadsheet carefully! If I've forgotten an extra you wanted, let me know.
It will not affect shipping as long as your weight is under 100g (noted on the sheet).
I will begin shipping this Thursday, as the post office is shut on Wednesdays.

Hokay! Lifesize GA!
We incurred a customs fee, which I have paid for sake of speed. It was £33.33 (lol), and the parcel is scheduled to arrive with me on THURSDAY! Pics and hugging to come! :D
I've asked Gin what to do with Jazzbie's plush.
Tags: group auction
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