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Hello There!

Hello! I'm new to this community and new to Live Journal in general. Truthfully I joined just so I could join this community lol. XD But Hello I'm Cara. I've been collecting Pokemon since I was four years old and I have a pretty big collection even though I've never purchased anything off of the internet. My favorite Pokemon are Eevee(Even though I have virtually nothing of it...) Pikachu, Eeveelutions, Skitty, and pretty much all the cute ones. I'd love to show you my collection but I lack a digital camera so the only pics I can take are from a DSi and are a tad bit blurry. I apologise. =( Also I can't buy or sell anything over the internet so pretty much I'm here to show off my collection. (Though I really wish I could buy things!) Here's a little shot of some of the Pikachus I own. (Pichu and Raichu too.) The second biggest Pikachu is a bootleg I'm sure because it looks like the mouth was markered on and its made of really shoddy materials...not to mention the lack of a tail. I didn't know about bootlegs though when I bought it from a Secondhand shop.
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