x_xjokerx_x (x_xjokerx_x) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First time posting!

Hi everyone! Figured I should make an introduction, though sadly I have no images of my collection at this point D:

Regardless, I'm Brandie, I'm 18 in college and I love to draw and LOVE Banette. I really want a huge collection of them, so far I just have a Halloween keychain and a plush without the keychain on the way.

I like looking at cute plushies and the like! I know I have a few pokedolls of the Eeveelutions from the Pokemon Center website before it was closed, and a Shadow Lugia XD Plush for pre-ordering the game. (I was quite happy with getting it).

But I hope to meet you all and have some shopping. I'm a bad college student, wanting Pokemon items...(No really, I love plushies. That Wailord pillow is the cutest thing ever.)

Hmm what is this I see?
Tags: banette
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