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Stuffs 4 Sale =3

I went to the Pokemon center in Yokohama yesterday, and was REALLY impressed with the Pokemon canvas plush! I wanted to buy them all, but ended up with only a cute Totodile for myself  =3
The only canvas items I picked up for sale were the clearfiles. I might pick up some plush in the future if there is interest.

Anyways, I also bought some stamps and charms for the few I wanted, and I'm breaking up the rest to sell individually. Some prices have been marked down on older stuff- have a look!

Stamps $3 each
Joltik, Meinfoo, Chillacino/Pikachu, Litwick, Audino, Scraggy SOLD

Christmas charms!! $5 each charm. Wreath not included, but if anyone wants 5 of them, I can throw in the wreath and discount you a few bucks.
Blitzle, Oshawott, both Audino, Scraggy SOLD
Pikachu w/ tree ON HOLD

Oshawott wreath washcloth $9
Oshawott wooden ornament SOLD

Pokemon Canvas clearfile SET of 4. $26 shipped
I have one set available, and only one box to ship them in, so this is it!
ON HOLD pending sale

2012 Pokemon McDonalds Calendar. Brand new with stickers $13 shipped
This will be shipped between cardboard and wrapped in thick paper.
SOLD but it may be possible to get more...

Postcard set of 2. One of each design $3
1 set left

Left: SOLD
Middle: SOLD
Right: $5

MPC plush $11 each
1 Scraggy, Karrablast SOLD

Rubber change pouches $5 each

Small bag (back and front shown) $8 SOLD

Victini flat cut-out change purses $8

Mini light $3.50

Series 2 stamps $4 each

Pepsi Nex straps $5 each
Scrafty SOLD

Oshawott attack keychain $10

Pull back cars $5 each
Pikachu, Snivy, and Victini (open) available
Scraggy SOLD

Rubber charms. Not really sure what they are for, but they are brand new and so cute!! $4 each

Lottery prize keychain $12

Darumakka light up keychain $5

Chupa figures $5 each

Straps $4 each or 3 for $10
Inquire about character and/or type, as they are all mixed editions

Metal charms
Set $14
Pikachu $2
Oshawott $4


Rubber bracelet/straps $5 each

Mini Reshi notepad $3

$5 each

Chillarmy zukan $10
all others $3 each
Axew, Shamin SOLD

Top: cardboard models $2 each
Bottom: SOLD

$3 each
Shamin SOLD

Water squirters $9 each

Kids $5 each
Please note that if you are buying only 1-2 kids, I will have to open and flatten the box, as I don't have any boxes small enough to affordably ship such a small boxed item. Oshawott, Snivy, Shimama, both Scraggy, Patrat, Swoobat, Cofri, Darumakka, Litwick SOLD

Lottery sets $7 each

Brand new bento lunch set. $18
I am willing to ship the items without the box, to save on shipping costs, as the items inside are individually wrapped.

The below items are all $2 each:

Tepig SOLD

Giratina SOLD

Munna SOLD

Pikachu SOLD


These are all $1 each with any order. Sorry, I will not sell and ship just stickers, and it is not worth the time and effort for me.
KlingKlang SOLD

Brand new electronic Piplup. BEST OFFER
Shipping on this bad boy will most likely cost $20-$30- not sure yet! Serious inquiries only.
*NO trades, No holds. Paypal only.

Shipping will be from Japan, and my shipping day is Thursday only.

If you are definitely buying, SAY SO, because often there are other buyers interested in the same items. If you just ask for a shipping quote, I will assume you have not yet committed to the sale, and your item will be open to another buyer. Please respond within 24 hours if you are making a purchase, as anything longer than that would be considered a hold, which I don't do.
Shipping on small items will most likely be $2.50-$3.50.

I have very few small boxes, so people who are buying a lot will get priority!! Most items will have to be shipped in bubble wrap, in an envelope. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo  on 3/17/11
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