JujuFox (jujufox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Slowpoke Sales reduced prices

Hey everyone! I updated my sales post with lower prices on all TCG stuff! All cards are from Emerging Powers or promo decks from B/W. I want to get rid of these, so make me an offer on what is left if you want multiple cards. I also have a MIB Victini Kid who needs a good home, and some Koren stickers and erasers.

Click here or the image to go to my sales page!
Also, with Christmas and such gift-giving Holidays coming up I'm posting a little reminder about my Etsy shop. I have a few Pokemon charms and pins for sale like a sleepy Tepig, Ditto-chu, Squirlte Squad, and singing Jigglypuff. These items are all ready to ship, but in limited quantities so don't delay if you really want one for Christmas.

Click here or the banner to see what goodies I have in my shop!

PS, right now I'm not taking orders for Pokemon amigurumi due to a high amount of Christmas orders.
Tags: cards, sales, victini
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