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Looking for something. :3

I asked for one of these awhile ago, but I was faced with something else that required every bit of my money and time and... yeah... anyways. :3

If anyone has one they're willing to part with, name me your price, or I have a few things I'm willing to trade... (I haven't quite had the time to make a trades post yet, but I'm working on it... ^^;) 

But yeah, the gorgeous bulba pencil sharpener. It was the first piece of Pokemon merch I'd ever laid eyes on. I didn't know what Pokemon was at the time, but a friend in kindergarten had this baby, and I was so tempted to steal it from him. XD

EDIT: Oh, yes, and this pic isn't mine. If it's yours and you don't like the fact that I edited it, please tell me and I'll take it down immediately. <3

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