sugarcoated (sugar0coated) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Australian Members, Get Down to JayJays! + GA Question

Hey, guys!

I went to JayJay's today and saw their new pokemon shirts X3 I hadn't seen anyone post them yet, apologise if they have already *o*. Anyway, three styles are only available in men's cuts/sizes, but I bought all three anyway XD 

You can also buy them on the JayJay's website =)

Also, I don't know if this is everywhere, but I went into my local EB Games and the pokemon card portfolio was reduced to $13 for Christmas. Woo!

Also, just a small question: Why are posts in GAs being hidden upon the end of bidding in a lot of GAs? It makes it really difficult to budget when I can't go and see if I am the winner of anything >_<; Can replies not just be frozen? Of course, if there is a reason, fair enough =)
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