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Introductory Hello

Hello everyone^^

Joined this community properly today; after half heartedly popping in every so often, i felt obliged to become a more established member. I'm sure you're all a friendly bunch and i can't wait to start engaging in activities with you all. Going under the name of Shrimposaur, though on other sites i'm more commonly known as shazy.

I am somewhat of a fossil maniac, and enjoy collecting pretty much anything linked with fossil/dinosaur/ancient pokemon, so you'll probably see me asking about those such items more than anything else. Of course, the ultimate favourite is Anorith. It's a shame the fossils are not very well merchandised. I shall just have to be speedy whenever something new appears. 

I am also fond of anything to do with pokemon trainers (the official characters, both game and anime); very much an Ash Ketchum fangirl, etc etc

Anyway, just an opening post to introduce myself^^
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