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I just wanted to point out quickly about a lot I have for sale on eBay:

The lot has a little over one day left and is still at the starting bid of $19.98!

For those unsure of buying from me, I have been a member of the community since the end of August 2007 and here is my spiffy feedback:

My community feedback thread!

Next, we have my older the the hills community feedback thread!

Third, my ever growing eBay feedback!

While I am at it, my eCrater feedback too!

I know that I have not been posting much anymore, but I hope that will be changing real soon. Right now I am redoing my Team Rocket collection display. Since I had to part with the majority of my Suicune collection, I moved Team Rocket to where my Cunes (aka buttribbons) use to dwell.  Once done, I hope to put together a reinto post and I will also have a very small collection update!

Before I forget, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Oh, I just saw the Pikachu float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!! :3

Edit - I feel like a dummy, I should probably point out my other eBay auction too! It is Pokemon related after all:

Good luck!!
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