Fiz (fiztheancient) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update!

It's that time!

The oldest of my individual collection, my Mantykes! It's actually grown a bit lately after not having much added to it for a year. I'm getting some more mantyke merch soon, including a megablok, metal charm, clear kid and hopefully the large pokecen plush, if we won the recent auction it was included in (oh please oh please)

My floons! Nothing really added except the Kid and I decided to throw in my hat I got from somebody into the photo. I really only get the drifloon plushes and I think I have them all, minus a suction-cup swinger plush that apparently exists but doesn't have a photo!

My Audinos! It's grown a LOT lately. The only thing I'm really looking to add to it is the metal collection figures. I've missed out on them twice :( Seriously, if you have any for sale, tell me pleaaaase!

A somewhat accidental collection, my Bidoofs and Bibarels! I just kinda ended up with a lot of Bidoof merch lately so oooops!

And heres all my general pokeplushes! Theres a lot more than it looks like there, seriously. Its impossible to see all of them.

You can see individual photos of each of my items on my toy blog, PlushCrush!

Thats it!

Also, a quick sale I suppose:

(Got sales permission from Dakajojo on 10/15/11)

I bought this full set of charms just for the Audinos, so would anyone want the Ducklett, Swanna and Litwick charms? $6 for one, $11 for two and $15 for all three! Shipping not included but won't be too much if you opt for a regular envelope instead of a bubble mailer.

And of course, regular sales plug and card sales plug.
Willing to haggle on sales and I can do some discounts if you buy cards in bulk. Seriously, I need to get rid of my cards :x
Tags: audino, bidoof, drifloon, mantyke
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