polkadotie (polkadotie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My Whismur collection!

I just got a huge package of whismur goodies recently! but got lazy and didnt have time to post it so here i go~!!!! XD!! This is my first time getting whismur and i got so lucky running into a former whismur collector so im so happy i cant wait for my collection to grow *_*! and mini photostory because they are fun xD.all my whismurs from [info]psychtiger was a wounderful seller and added some free goodies which i had fun playing with ;O;

I got the whole whismur gifts for my anniversary from my fiance ^_^ been together in a long distance relationship for 3 years now X3! And @_@ dont mind my newspaper covered windows x.x;; ><;

I named my Whismur Carlito after a bubblegum dance artist XD he amuses me and the maracas always make me think of spanish music, i used a translator for the spanish x.x sorry if its wrong ;_; ~ i tried xD Carlito "Friends our time has come"

La dominacion del mundo is world domination in spanish (what the translator tells me) i thought it was funny because theres so many whismurs <3 love it XDDDD

love bird ;O; <3333

sleepy time world dominations whismurs ^w^

my whole whismur collection i bought X3!!! i loveee them all i cant wait to collect more!!! <3

Carlito "this shoe is too big for me", These are my shoes i hand painted X3!!!!! i loveee them so much i put wailord on one side and whismur on the other  more picus of it if you wanna see more of my shoes ;O;!! http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/319/c/8/wailord_and_whismur_shoes_by_cinibunny-d4g8y52.png my favu shoes >W<!

ALSO!!1 Anyone have any whismur merch id love to know im still looking for more whismur items
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