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Pokemon Stores in Hawaii - Honolulu or near it?


So I am in Hawaii with my boyfriend, sister, and her boyfriend! It is incredibly beautiful here, but as always my mind is on Pokemon!
I have some extra cash to spend here and was wondering if there were any good Pokemon shops or things to do here? If anyone has any information please let me know!

I just thought this pic from the 2010 VGC in hawaii was cute :3 Btw if anyone is interested I think that pikachu mascot suit - yeah a real one - was on ebay a week ago and maybe still there. I found that the price was quite good and was tempted to get it but I don't think I'd have anything to wear it too lol. 

Also I am working on my card collection and have a lot of people that have been so kind and helped so much! I will be posting my list of wants for everyone so you can finally get rid of those old commons you don't need! Anyone who has any cards for sale (especially commons) from SkyRidge or RubySaphireEx please let em know as I have none of those cards XD

I can't wait to post my plushie collection! As it has grown dramatically within the 2 weeks of me being here. When I return I will have  Houndour and Charmander pokedolls waiting for me which I thought would never happen so thank guys!

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