Watashishi (watashishi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

"introduce yourself"

Hi, my name is Shi and I'm just another new member. <:

I collect mainly figures but now I want to move on to collecting plushies too! I already bought some items from members of the community and I gotta say everyone here is so nice and adorable orz gotta learn from you.
I used to collect basically figures of any Pokémon, but now I plan to focus on Ho-Oh, Lapras, Dialga/Palkia, Sneasel/Weavile and maybe Jolteon (it's hard to find affordable merch for him, sadly). And some side collections because I have no self control.
Now to pictures of my collection...

[ignore the non-poke stuff lol]
A small part of my figures. Some of them are old, like poor Jolteon, who doesn't even have one of his ears anymore LOL. I can't display all of my figures because there's not space on my shelves as I put other things on them, so I keep the rest of my collection inside of tin cans.

And that's what I keep on another shelf :D it's small I know. There's a Lapras pokedoll on the way. I hope my plushie collection grows here!

Thank you for reading~ and say hbd to my mom!
Tags: introductions
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