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Collection Update (FINALLY!)

Hey guys, here is my collection update as I promised in my last few posts. My collection has indeed expanded a lot, especially on the figure side.

Here's a summary of what I'll be showing you all!

EDIT: My photos have been replaced with better quality ones. It seems the problem is with the LJ Scrapbook. So take a look again even if you had just now, it's much clearer now

Here Goes!

Lets start off with the figures first and there has been a DRAMATIC change in my figure collection. 
This way what it was a few months ago:


To the specifics!

    First up is my main collection - Plusle and Minun (There are a lot more coming so this is just a fraction of it) And oops looks like a Plusle fell

Loving the otter line, here are the figures I've got so far! Just look how beautiful the samurott diorama is

Next up is one of my favourite figure lines - Zukans!
(Don't mind the blurry pictures I'm not sure why the quality turned out so bad :(  )

Here are some of the diorama ones. I personally love the Excadrill line base and its a pity the minun and plusle doesn't have very good paintjobs

Magnezone, Tyranitar and the 3 Shiny Beasts which I won from a gashapon machine.
I've got a few more coming in the mail and I'll update y'all sooner when it all arrives

Next up! This is my Excadrill collection so far + the zukan piece. Can't see it really well but there's the Clipping figure, DX Kid, normal Kid and Tomy.

A few more of my other kids which I don't have a huge collection of. BUT Emolga shall find a place too being an important side collection of mine.

My Pikachu figure collection. Not too large but I especially love the Mystery Dungeon house and motion toy/diorama.

Unova Starter Evolutions DX Kid! They look all bada*# in there

My precious custom Samurott by berugii as well as the plamo samurott. I really love the sword and I try to get all figures with the sword out.

TFGs and some Plamos and Zukans which I haven't found a place to put them yet :(

Well, that's is almost all for figures.... but here's more!

Another one of my display table that will be flanked with both the lotto zekrom (when it arrives) and reshiram soon.

I really fell in love with the jumbo cards after buying this one at a crazy discount. I'm really looking for more with cool art!

My second card -Corocoro Pikachu with Pichu Brothers Jumbo card. Which I managed to get from a seller in Singapore who was selling off his whole card collection. My favourite of the two, and I'm sure many rodent collectors will squeal at this as well.

Now for the PLUSH!

has become



Here's my Miju collection and these are as follows:

Giant Poke Center Plush, Banpresto sleeping plush, Banpresto DX Plush, Pokedoll, Tomy regular sized plush, Banpresto big head plush, Jakks, TY Beany, MPC 1 and Dream World plush

They're lovely and will be sure to grow even larger especially when Miju seems to be a really popular pokemon in this season.

My MAIN collection which doesn't seem as big as my oshawott ones mainly because I started collecting when Gen V came out so I missed out on quite a lot of Adv Gen Merch. In anyways, lots of my precious here:

Pokedoll, Hasbro, Tomy Laying plush, GIANT Tomy Minun Plush, Banpresto Contest Plush and  Plusle CANVAS PLUSH (Am really OCD So looking for minun canvas too)

My mini emolga collection consisting of Tomy, Pokedoll and 1:1 Poke Center plush. Its bound to get bigger soon!

Lastly, my mini chillarmy line collection which I donated to my brother because he likes them so much XD

Well, I guess that's all from me, I hope you've enjoyed it and I'd like to thank you all for reading it as well as to thank the comm for the past one over year over greatness and good friends. I have really enjoyed my time here and hope to continue being here in the community.

I would lastly like to end off with a mini wants and sales post:

Sales Plug: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html
Wants: http://donny9.livejournal.com/1790.html

Edit: I've got one question, my reshiram lotto has gotten a bit dusty being displayed w/o a case. Does anyone know what I should use to clean him till hes brand new but won't eat off any paint of sort?

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