gengareric (gengareric) wrote in pkmncollectors,

plush collection

this is my 59+ collection of pokemon plush

this is for ralley274

8+ year old pikachu Balloon

squish ball thing pikachu

pika puzzel


pika flats

pika flats and rare recalled pika valentine card that I have 7 of unused


Mc.Donalds actual poster hung in the windows for the pokemon happy meal toys very proud of it

Gumball Machine Minis

TOMYS 300 of them

my sad tiny dragonite collection :(


dark closet FULL of pokemon stuff from giant pokemon snow innertub to pikachu punching bag thing to puzzels and plates and such

Mc.Ds pokemon toy display

Binder 1 out of 20 20 pound binders of cards

this is a group picture of them all

my Koffing reversible plush 

my gengar reversible plush
I wouldn't be gengareric without a gengar plush

my poliwag reversible plush

my groviel plush

My Jacks Pacific Mantyke

my throw pokeball prinplup plush

my old meowth plush

my Jirachi can someone identify what Jirachi plush this is for me?

old pikachu keychain clip on plush

Arceus Jacks Pacific

mew clip on keychain plush how rare is this?

Wobbuffet Jacks Pacific

two Burger King pikachus

Jigglypuff wonka candy holder plush how rare are the wonka plushs?

Bulbasaur wonka candy holder plush

Bonsley Jacks Pacific

Glaceon Jacks Pacific

Natu Pokedoll

Mamoswine Jacks Pacific

old Snorlax beanie plush

Mudkip Hasbro

Latias Pokedoll

Azelf Jacks Pacific

Chatot Jacks Pacific

Bulbasaur keycahin how rare is this?

old talking Pikachu

Starly Jacks Pacific

Meowth wonka candy holder plush

Piplup Easter basket plush

Mew Pokedoll

medite Jacks Pacific

Treecko Hasbro

BK Oddish

Cyndaquil Hasbro

Charizard keychain how rare is this?

Buneary  Jacks Pacific

Mime Jr Jacks Pacific

Girentia Jacks Pacific

Driftloon Jacks Pacific

Turtwig Jacks Pacific

Shaymin Jacks Pacific

Riolu Jacks Pacific

Burmy Jacks Pacific

Buzel Jacks Pacific

Squirtle wonka candy holder plush

Old Gyradoes Plush

Shellos Jacks Pacific

Pacherese Jacks Pacific

Munchlax Jacks Pacific

Chimchar Toy Factory

Pikachu Easter basket plush

Charmander play by play plush?

large Pikachu Toy Factory Plush

old Meowth pillow plush

Diamond and Pearl Pikachu pillow plush

Diamond and Pearl Piplup pillow plush

Diamond and Pearl  Chimchar pillow plush

This took a total of 3 hours taking the picture and putting them on here
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