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Price Check? :3

Hey everyone~ I just recently tried out ShoppingMalljapan [Awesome yet not without wallet casualties] and bought a few listings for the weavile and sneasel merch. Now I have some leftover items of pokemon that I don't collect and I certainly believe other collectors would cherish and love much more than I x3. 

Sales permission granted on 03/17/11 by dakajojo.

So.....Price/Rarity Help?  Thanks guys!  I'm going to be auctioning the movie tomys along with the charms as soon as I get my SMJ package in the mail [a few days from now] so watch out for my next sales post! :]

I was wondering if anyone could help me check the value and rarity of these guys, and I would also like to see if there may be any interest among the swing chains/Tomys?  I plan on selling or auctioning these guys :3

Random Tomys? Probably common? I'm clueless xD

I believe that these are metal swings from the 8th Movie?

Tomys from the 4th Movie?  I think these are sorta rare [especially in a full boxed set such as this]  I think I saw Movie ver. Scisor and Tyranitar in a sales post recently, and I tried looking up the others but I was only able to find movie Larvitar on a wants list.

Finally, I'd like to thank bluehyaku for helping me find the Movie Tomy Set, and thus helping me find my first grail that I have been looking for since I first joined the comm ;w;  I would have never found it on Y!J by myself!  Thank you so much!

Thanks guys!  I'll be doing another collection update soon along with a grail post~ 
Tags: bellsprout, celebi, larvitar, lucario, mew, muk, pikachu, smeargle, suicune, tomy, tyranitar
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