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More quick sales. :)

Hey all! Went out for Black Friday today and had a blast. Saw a ton of Pokémon things, and brought some things home. :D (Have you ever seen Jakks figures come in sets of two? I haven't, until today!) I hope everyone who went out got some good deals!

I have added some more figures and some plush behind the cut for direct sale. :) I also have this little slowpoke for auction.

And seeking interest on my big Mewtwo

Rules and Other Info
Sales Permission granted by lineaalba(alex_strasza) in June 2010
My location is NJ, USA, and I ship Internationally!
Paypal only!
I will hold for 24 hours. If left unpaid, the item is back up for sale for anyone, or whoever showed interest.
Once your item is shipped, any mail mishaps are out of my control!
If you wish to add insurance or a tracking number, make sure to mention so!
I ship once paypal clears the money to my bank account. The funds I charge for shipping are needed to ship!
I have dogs and cats, but they stay downstairs, away from all my sale items. However, I do keep a finch in my room. If you are allergic to any of these animals, keep this in mind.
I am not accepting trades at this time!
Buizel Kid is not for sale. I included him for size references in earlier photos.
If you have any questions, ask away!

McDonalds Zorua: $2

Hasbro Sceptile: $2.50

Applause Snorlax: $8

Hasbro Absol with Razor Wind ball: $3 (Some marks)

Tomy Sunflora: $2 (Some marks)

Mewtwo roller: $3 (heavy)

Palkia cell charm: $1

Hasbro Poochyena: $3

Zorua, Zoroark, Mime Jr: $4 each

Gengar & Shinx: $2 each. Gengar has a scuff under his right eye and shinx has a bad scrape here in addition to some paint marks (Most which I was able to clean off!)

Green and blues: $4 each

I found another set of beasts! They are $15 each.

And added a bunch of dog tags! In case you can't see them, they are

Raichu x2
Growlithe x2
Vulpix x3
Squirtle x2

$7 each - Very few have yellowed, and it's mostly affected the logo tags. The clearest ones will be sold first!

Hasbro Zapdos - $18 - A little paint issue with the eyes and a bit of paint loss. Missing 2 lightning bolts.

10" Play-by-play Mew: $8

Any interest?

This is the Mewtwo that reaches almost 2 feet. :) He has a loose toe thread which you can see in the photo. There's also a mark across his left eye (our right) You can kiiind of see it in the photo. It's not a scratch, more like a loss of luster. it's only noticeable in a tilt of light.


This is a slowpoke squirt toy which I think is kind of hard to come by. So, he'll be going for auction so more people can have a chance at him :D

Auction Rules:
- The starting price is $5
- Bidding ends on Thursday, December 1st, at 8pm EST (That's Eastern, for North
- As per the community rules,sniping is not allowed. Any bids placed in the last 5 minutes will extend the auction another 5 minutes until no bids are placed for a whole 5 minutes.
- Bid increments of at least $1.
- Please post only in the provided thread!
- My Shop Rules apply!

And here are my regular sales! Mostly flats with a few non-flats. Anyway, a good way to save on shipping if anything there tickles your fancy :)

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