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2011 World Championship Deck Cards Interest?

Hi, Everyone!

I was out Black Friday shopping yesterday and saw the new (I'm assuming their new 'cause I haven't seen them before) 2011 World Championship Decks. I would normally ignore them, but one caught my eye 'cause I know that a lot of people ask about this Vileplume card -

Image and list below taken from Collectorscache.com

I went ahead and bought it because there's a few cards I'm interested in keeping, but I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse. So, before I return it, would anyone be interested in buying or trading for any of these cards? I'm planning on keeping one each of Donphan, Phanpy, the two Suicine/Entei LEGEND cards, Pichu, and Pokemon Collector...at least.

Deck List:
Vileplume x2
Gloom x2
Oddish x3
Reuniclus x2
Duosion x2
Solosis x3
Donphan x2
Phanpy x2
Blissey x1
Chansey x1
Zekrom x2
Suicune & Entei LEGEND x1 (2 Cards)
Pichu x2
Cleffa x1
Pokemon Collector x3
Twins x4
Sage’s Training x4
Professor Oak’s New Theory x1
Copycat x1
Pokemon Communication x3
Rare Candy x3
Seeker x2
Tropical Beach x1
Fire Energy x1
Fighting Energy x2
Rainbow Energy x4
Double Colorless Energy x4

If you're just a collector like me, this won't matter, but the cards aren't tournament legal because they have a special edition back. I don't know what it looks like since I haven't opened the box.

I do have sales permission, it was granted earlier this year (April?), but I can't go find the date because the computer I'm using likes to crash if I do too many things. Sorry. I actually prefer trading over selling. This is just a journal to gauge interest really, but I might go ahead and work out trades if there is a lot of interest. (btw, I'm still visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday so I might not reply for a day or so. Limited computer time here.)


~ Risha
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