Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auctions and GA is in.

All auctions end December 3rd at 2:00 pm PST
- I Ship from California,US
*The Starting bid is the lowest I will take.
*Payment is Due 3 days after the auctions end unless you work something out with me.
*Non payers will have negative feedback left.


Snivy Jakks Plush - 10.00 Shipped

Jakks Figures - 1.00 each
Gone: Breloom and Cherrim

Roller ball Figures - 50 cents each
Gone: Mewtwo

Damaged Items and Booties - Free with purchase

I will be taking everyones stuff to the post office on Tuesday to get it all weighed so let me know if you want to add anything C:

wildtentacruel Raikou is fine with some dust on him.

jeansamathere is some dust on the figures and Infernape has small marks on him and a missing tail,but everything else is fine C:.

umbreonoctie there is some dust and marks on the giratina figure,but everything else is fine C:.

noksum there is some dust on the figures,but everything else is fine c:. (Mime Jr didn't want to photograph)

hebilea there is wear on the book but its otherwise fine C:.

dragonrider49 the coin is in great condition c:

3kame some dust on the figures and Turtwig has marks on him.

Extras are available to everyone.

50 cents for GAPS and 1.00 for non

1.00 for GAPS and 2.00 for non
Gone: Golurk

1.50 for GAPS and 3.00 for non

Tags: auction, blastoise, buizel, charizard, feraligatr, pikachu, raikou, sales, squirtle
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