Kyuu (k1yuu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

★ quick sales

Just some really quick sales today!

Shipping will be from 92126 U.S. and expect to pay around $3.00 for First Class!
Shipping price is set so that it covers the cost of envelope ($0.70 - $1.24 for big things like plushes), cost of shipping (around $1.80 - $2.10 or so), and whatever is left over goes into the paypal fee.

My complete rules and guidelines are located here, my feedback, here.
I received sales permission from lineaalba in July 2010.

Zekrom and Reshiram DX Tomy figures lot (no tag): $21 for BOTH (I prefer to sell them as a set, if you're interested in just one though, let me know and I'll come back to you later if there's someone to split them with you or if I haven't found someone who wants both)

Snivy Tomy and Zekrom Tomy: $2 each
Victini Bottlecap figure: $3

Giratina-O Tomy keychain (used): $2

Watchog zukan (new): $3

lovely Arceus Jakks figure: $4

Sharpedo Hasbro figure (used): $2

three Poliwhirl plushes lot: $3 (I found these three randomly, and they are looking for good homes, preferably together! Does anyone collect Poliwhirl?)
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